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New Asheville medical practice does not require health insurance | Blog Asheville

New Asheville medical practice does not require health insurance

by Jennifer Saylor on May 6, 2012

Whether you’re insured or not, this new medical practice in the RAD looks interesting. I love to see that Asheville creativity and entrepreneurship have taken a medical turn with a practice using a profit model that provides affordable, patient-focused, semi-traditional care from outside a broken health system.

Asheville + doctors + alternative care = a medical practice run like a small business, offering basic care to anyone with fifty bucks.

Run by two MDs, Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville asks its patients to pay up front for services priced on a sort of a la carte menu: $50 for a visit, or $40/month for a long-term plan that includes “an annual physical, a nutrition consult, unlimited regular visits for $20, all basic labs and free access to educational classes offered at the practice.”

The practice also offers acupuncture, qi gong and yoga classes, classes in cooking healthy foods, and the doctors include nutritional recommendations as part of most treatments.

One of the practice’s founding doctors, Chad Krisel, said, “We wanted to spend more time with patients, and we wanted to make it less expensive. We did some research, talked to some experts and ended up with a hybrid approach that’s both affordable, allows for more time with patients and is integrative.”

Currently there are only two doctors, both men.



AC-T article: Doctors take new approach to family practice in the River Arts District 

Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville 

372 Depot St.
Suite 10
Asheville, NC 28801
Ph: (828) 367-7372
Fax: (828) 575-2298

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